Data Recovery in Santa Monica

Helping You Recover Your Memories

Our data recovery services can retrieve your files when something goes wrong, such as a hard drive crash, equipment malfunction, or even accidental deletions. If you have lost important files and data on your laptop or desktop computer, don’t panic. Instead, reach out to our seasoned computer repair technicians at CBC by calling (310) 452-2027 to discuss your options.

Our data recovery services can recover:

  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Programs
  • Applications
  • Word Documents

Hard Drive Recovery and Data Storage

Whether you keep the bulk of your files stored on your hard drive or on an external drive, backing up your data in more than one place is important to prevent losing it for good. Our technicians will run a comprehensive diagnostic of your hard drive to retrieve all viable data and discuss your options for file storage and backup going forward.

To schedule your appointment with our Santa Monica repair technicians, please call (310) 452-2027!

Why Choose Us?

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