Computer Networking in Santa Monica

Troubleshooting Your Networking Concerns

Looking to set up internet in your commercial or residential property? Don’t know where to begin? Let our Santa Monica networking experts at CBC set up your network for you! Regardless of whether you are looking to set up a wireless network for your space or have decided to stick with traditional Ethernet ports for security and ease, we can quickly set up your network and get you online within hours of your scheduled appointment. If you have yet to purchase a router or the required materials, our helpful staff can also assist you in this regard as well.

Fast and Reliable Service

A secure, reliable, and speedy network is essential for all of your personal and professional computer needs. When we visit your property, we can find the ideal place to set your router if you are looking for a wireless setup. Additionally, we can also line up Ethernet ports throughout your property to ensure that you can get online anywhere within your property.

To schedule an appointment to have our networking technicians visit your property, please call (310) 452-2027!

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